To marry with Pon’s food, these are wines that are refreshing (i.e. great acidity), with most seeing no oak (i.e. they stay refreshing). They balance fruitiness with minerality, earthiness with restraint, as do the reds. They reflect terroir (specific location), but they like to travel (in khakis, jeans, and t-shirts); they aren’t snobs. They play well with Pon’s spice and chilis, nestle politely in her blankets of fresh herbs, and dance lightly on her rich pork belly (don’t get any ideas). There are no heavy-bodied white wines on this list. The reds are, for the most part, lighter too. All of these wines represent really good value (i.e. get a bottle). 

A beautiful selection of reds that are not oaky — okay, the Cab maybe — with good acidity (say “refreshing”), juicy, bright, food-friendly. They make quick friends of fish sauce and soy sauce, Kaffir lime, ginger, chiles, and Pon’s umami-rich food. No small feat, really. They’ll be your friends, too. 

Beer and Thai food, and spice, and heat. Of course! These beers tend to range from: lighter to richer, dryer (and more bitter) to sweeter, lower abv (alcohol by volume) to higher. Soon, we'll get you abv's and suggestions on matching these beers with Pon's food. 

We've been testing (hard work) a slew of cocktails crafted for Pon's menu, most by Matt Kaufhold (Thanks, Matt!). One or two are designed to assist you in embracing heat (Thai chiles), a couple to balance those intense fresh herbs and spices, and all to whet your appetite.