Destination Pon

Worthy of a trip across town, and destined to be a favorite neighborhood bistro, Pon has a smaller menu with a focus on freshness and big flavor. Thirty seats (and an intimate bar). 

In Thai cuisine, a number of core ingredients and sauces can be used in a wide variety of dishes, crossing from vegetarian to those featuring meat, fowl, or fish. The supporting elements for an entrée of filet of cod can be worked into a pasta or duck dish, with radically different results. Pon’s careful application of the trinity of sauces—fish sauce, oyster sauce, and soy sauce—with a touch of palm sugar, and requisite heat, provides a base level of complexity and depth of flavor across a spectrum of dishes, while simplifying the preparation, allowing for greater control and speed in the kitchen. Her flavor profile also makes for rich, satisfying food without being heavy, or using a lot of fat. 

Sweet (not so much), sour, salty, spicy (much). Umami!